Maybe tomorrow…

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Moments are exactly that; moments. What can we do to capture the moment? Or better yet what moments should I try to capture? Capture the moments when a smile is on your face. When the uniqueness of your character comes out to see the sun light. When a friend just happens to say “I love what you’ve done with yourself.” Moments are not easy to capture. A second plus a second equals a moment.meaning if you miss one second you just lost the moment…people of the world we’re losing seconds causing us to lose the moment. There is 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minutes. So we have 86,400 second in a day. Times that by the year we have 31,536,000 seconds. And we say we don’t have time. ha ha

i miss you.
i’m sorry.
can i help you.
God bless you.
your name is?
will you marry me?
I was wrong.
hi mom and dad.
i forgive you.
can you forgive me?
lets work together.
can our kids meet?
need a ride?
merry christmas.
we’ve had a bad year.
lets work on our problems.
I need help..
Do you need help.

we have time to capture moments…


Did you see where the time went?

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what was written and dreamed has come to past is the beggining of the new world order.a Isrealite has taken the hightest office position in the west,this is the history of this event.God’s promise to his people has been fulfilled. time is moving. 85% of the people said”they never thought they would live to see this day”.not knowing that we are the generation to produce this fruit,what else are we suppose to produce.are we also suppose to create a heaven on earth? being first peace on earth.can we americans do that. can different faiths put doctrines aside and live with eachother. can christians live in the same household with muslims? the introspecting of this nation has to start. America was built to lead more than 52 states, america’s destiny is to unite the world.bringing one nation under God .if this is not the genaration of american who are suppose to hear Gods plea. then this is the genaration that is wasting time.

community medicine

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when people talk things happens when people walk things move. the montains of distress,lack of community,scarse genuine friendship,loneyness and lack of envolvement.these are all physcological.the best remady to me is a friend.we have had a shortage of friends for more than 400 years now.but we’ve been living nextdoor the whole time. people we have to start we can get up from this stagnant crawl and start walking.

more peope are being fooled than we think

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thinking that the color of a persons skin makes them superior over the next has been a poison to the human race. we are at the time where God is throwing away this poisonous knowledge.and is about to send out his true teachers,true parents,true teach his true love,to set mind kind back on the road to the next comming years mankind is going to to have a spiritural which the devil is going to be bound.and will be asking God for forgivness.may be we are a different kind of people,with different age and reason.but thats the army God has called apon this day. to manifest the power of love.may one become two this day .may we find strength in numbers this day.