Did you see where the time went?

what was written and dreamed has come to past today.it is the beggining of the new world order.a Isrealite has taken the hightest office position in the west,this is the history of this event.God’s promise to his people has been fulfilled. time is moving. 85% of the people said”they never thought they would live to see this day”.not knowing that we are the generation to produce this fruit,what else are we suppose to produce.are we also suppose to create a heaven on earth? being first peace on earth.can we americans do that. can different faiths put doctrines aside and live with eachother. can christians live in the same household with muslims? the introspecting of this nation has to start. America was built to lead more than 52 states, america’s destiny is to unite the world.bringing one nation under God .if this is not the genaration of american who are suppose to hear Gods plea. then this is the genaration that is wasting time.


~ by strengthinnumbers21 on January 21, 2009.

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